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Artist's Statement:

To quote Salvador Dali: “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing." With Ancient Myths & Modern Metaphors, I've revisited various works of art from the Renaissance through the 1920's. I've recreated the original poses as closely as possible, and I've tried to remain true to the “look and feel” of each original masterpiece. The modern interpretations, however, are mine. They represent my contemporary view of the world. Using ancient myths to dramatize contemporary issues works well for several reasons; the stories are at least vaguely familiar and, for the most part, are over-the-top with larger-than-life characters – much like the times in which we live. These stories translate well, can be quite humorous, and allow me to highlight the contradictions I see in everyday life, and the ways we look at our past, our surroundings, and our lifestyle. We may have chosen to replace “myth” with “machine” as the symbol of everything human in the modern world – but we do so at our peril. The last time we abandoned mythology we entered that thousand year period we now know as the "Dark Ages”. Myths enlighten and can help us "see" what we really think.

Post-Photographic Staged Tableaux
- canvas limited edition of 3 - $1750 each

Each image has been printed on canvas using pigmented ink and protected with several layers of varnish. Archival materials have been used throughout. Actual image size is 39 x 57 and gallery wrapped around the edges of 36x54" heavy-duty stretcher bars. Meticulous attention has been paid to detail. Typically, each image consists of 15 - 40 merged photographic images and countless layers.

The Three Graces (click here for details and history)


A Prairie Siren
(urban sprawl)

(the food chain)

A Mermaid
(100% Canadian)

(the new wilderness)

(news at 11:00)

(how men use gold)

Athena and Nike
(at the Olympics)

(life is a gamble)

(heart of snow)

(the lost star)

(full moon)

(born out of Chaos)


The Window Gallery at Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC

Click the individual images on the wall for a closer view.
Pano view - "Ancient Myths & Modern Metaphors" at the Art Gallery of Golden

A full house at the opening.

Penticton closing.

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